Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Brian Picolo Track

Hey all you fixed gear fanatics who haven't ridden track, your really missing something! We are fortunate here to have a great track in Broward County. Brian Picolo park The address is 9501 Sheridan St., Cooper City, Fl. the phone is (954)437-2626. A few things you should know before going. 1) The bike must be fixed and a traditional track frame not a converted road bike because of the clearance of the bottom bracket. 2) No brakes...Don't need them everyone is going the same direction and moving. If someone was to hit brakes it would cause accidents. 3) If you don't have a track bike you can rent one there. 4) If you don't know what you are doing they have a track coach on the premises who is a great guy and always happy to help his name is Carlos an ex-champion from Uruguay. 4) You don't have to race or anything you can just ride laps or watch.
The track is built on an incline like NASCAR which makes for some really cool riding! You can build up some serious speed and have some great fun in a controlled environment. Try it, you may learn something!


M-Technic said...

They have allowed road bike conversions on the track everytime I have been there. Just make sure all the braze ons are removed (no water bottle cags or anything) and no brakes!

nsk said...

Digitalwave is spot on.

There's also a criterium track right next to the velodrome. The track is like a wide sidewalk with turns of varying radii, and is lots of fun either on a track bike or a road bike. A few friends and I went out a few weeks ago. Pics here: