Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Banjo Brothers Bag

I got tired of my messenger bag shifting and swinging around, besides being annoying it was dangerous. So searching the web the best deal I found for a quality cycle pack was Banjo Brothers. All the write ups and everything I could find about them was real positive, so I decided to give them a shot. Now if you commute, besides your bike the bags the most important piece of equipment you need. In that bag I carry a spare tire, rain gear, jacket, arm warmers,leg warmers, pump, change of clothes for work, lunch, 2 drinks, cell phone, wallet and 2 glasses in their carrying case. I need a big bag. I ordered the large back pack. I was real happy when the bag came in! I could have probably even used their smaller bag because there is plenty of room. The bag is top quality with a well thought out design. Reflective striping, Low sitting position so it doesen't interfere with your head, low center of balance, comfortable straps, a holster on the strap for your cell phone, outside zipper pouch for your wallet and pocket on the side for your water bottle. The perfect bag for me! Riding with it just enforced my opinion that much more. It felt so secure it was like it was a part of me. It is definitely the way to go! Check out these guys web site they make some great stuff and back it with some great service!


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