Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Learning to Trackstand

There's a lot of new riders out there trying to figure out how to trackstand. So here's Trackstand 101. First of all for you riders that don't know what I'm talking about a trackstand is balancing your bike from a stationary position without putting your feet down. This is easy to do on a fixed gear bike with a little practice. It's a nice skill to have because it allows you to stay strapped into your pedals when you come to a traffic light or stop sign.

What you are doing is applying pressure back and forth on the pedals, rocking the pedals. Starting out slowly ride your bike coming almost to a stop when your forward foot (with most people the right foot) is pointed straight ahead in the 3:oo position. Turn your wheel to the side of your forward foot and rock back and forth on the pedals to keep your balance. If you start to loose it just pedal forward and try again. When your first learning don't strap into you pedals so you can put a foot down if you need to. Watch the video and you'll get the idea. All it is, is practice! Good luck!

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