Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is There Hope Out There?

I'll tell you I do think the Critical Mass and Bike Days is helping change the public's view on cycling. I definitely am seeing more friendly drivers then in months past. Don't get me wrong we still have the occasional Asshole, but there seems to be less of them. Let's hope the trend continues!
A few things I try to always do 1) is always wave thank you when someone yields or doesn't cut me off. It's hard to be mad at someone that smiles and waves, plus it makes them feel good like they did their good deed for the day.
2) I try not to flip people off, although not always possible! Flipping someone off or yelling at them just pisses them off more. Now next time they see a cyclist they're more liable to be more aggresive and take out some poor cyclist who had nothing to do with the first altercation. Most of these drivers don't cut you off on purpose, they're just Stupid and don't think before they do things. Once you realize this it's a little easier to be more forgiving! Remember your always more vulnerable on a bike! You may catch up to a driver and beat his ass or mess up his car, but remember he's going to be right back in that car tomorrow and he may come up on you again and remember you!
3) If you can... entertain them at the lights, Track stand. Lots of motorist have never seen that, so they enjoy watching you. Plus it gets them more bike aware. I've had more people wave or yell out positive encouragements when I've done track stands. Try it!
Remember whatever positive actions you take on a bike helps all of us, likewise any negative actions you take can effect all of us!

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