Monday, May 4, 2009

Why Miami Traffic Sucks

Well if you hadn't heard Florida won the prestigious Title of most bicycle fatalities. Something to be really proud of! The main problem, too many immigrant drivers with poor driving habits and no traffic enforcement. Unfortunately it is way to easy for these drivers to get a license in Florida and especially Miami. There is also corruption within the drivers license testing offices. Money is passed and if you know the right person you can magically pass the test. So now we have all these drivers with little or no proper driving experience all over our roads and on top of that we give them cell phones. Think that may be a problem? Of course!
Now to fix this problem you need an aggresive police force handing out tickets. People get enough tickets they start to understand right from wrong. Unfortunately the local cops only enforce speeding and parking tickets. Wonder why? Because it takes very little work to stockpile impressive numbers that make you look like your busting your ass thus freeing you up for the rest of the day. Now if we enforced running lights, stop signs, illegal turns, stupid cell phone driving and failure to yield right of way we might get somewhere! Plus look how much money it would raise for the State!
Make the laws tough! Throw a beer bottle out of your car $500 and two days public service cleaning glass off the streets. I guarantee you get caught once and you'd never do it again!

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