Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Riding in a Power Outage

Last night the power went out for several hours which really sucked. The first hour or so I was able to keep occupied on the computer with the battery, but when that went out I was left in a dark house. Since I wasn't prepared for this of course I didn't have a working flash light. I ended up getting the light off my bike and using it for a flash light. I was able to scrounge up a couple candles so at least I could get around without bumping into anything. The candles weren't bright enough to read by so there was nothing else to do. As I sat in the dark bored to death I glanced at my bike in the corner F#***this! I grabbed my bike and headed outside. It was actually lighter outside then it was inside with the moon out I could see ok between that and my bike light. So I just passed the time doing track stands and dismounts. I was out there for about thirty minutes when the lights finally came back on. So instead of sitting in the dark bored to death I passed the time on the bike.
Moral of the story you can always find time to ride your bike if you try!

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