Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fixed Gear Sprints

I'd like to see this take off. To check it out go to and check out their video clips. The cool thing about this it can be done just about anywhere and is a lot safer then Alley cat racing. Anyone interested in putting this together drop me a note. Any riders in the Hammocks west kendall area out there? Or am I the only one.


ultraviolet16 said...

Hey, I noticed you just joined the critical mass. We do actually have a sprint planned. A few of us put this thing together and it's a blast. We do it in a bad ass spot, check out the message board in the page or check out the flyer here:


RHF said...

I saw that I'm going to try and check it out. Kinda far for me so depends how fast I can get out of work. I thought another cool place would be the bus/bike path next to U.S 1. It's lit and the only traffic is the occasional bus.

Will said...

The prob with the bus/bike lane is that the cops will chase us out since there's no riding allowed on the actual busway and the bike lane is too narrow to sprint at these speeds. So far the sprints have been held at the MCCC, but the plan is to have some held at various spots around town, we're even planning on having some done at the Piccolo Velodrome. Stay tuned.