Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quick Release

Why you don't use quick release on gear. The front doesn't matter unless your riding track. On track you don't want a quick release, because if another wheel was to hit it and it opened it would spell disaster for you and maybe the other riders. That's why the track policy on no quick release. Now on the rear wheel you don't want quick release on any fixed gear. Reason being is the quick release does not lock down as tight as an axle bolt. A fixed gear applies a lot more strain and force on a chain than a derailleur bike. On a derailleur bike the chain tension is maintained by spring pressure so the chain is never tight like on a fixed gear. If a wheel isn't properly locked down in the dropouts it can slip causing you to crash! I recommend installing chain tensioners when possible. This is a simple device that fits over your axle and connects to the back of the frame. When you tighten it down it pulls your chain tight and helps align the wheel within the frame. It also serves as a safety measure if your axle nut came loose it would keep the wheel from slipping forward. So you can use a quick release on your front wheel when ridding on the street ,but not on the track. No quick release on the rear for any fixed gear bike.

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