Monday, September 1, 2008

The Horn Dilema

What to do? Well you got a few options. The squeeze horn which is slow and doesn't always sound off and kinda looks stupid on a fast fixed gear. The Bell ahhh kinda feminine not the look the typical hardcore beer drinking fixie's looking for. Electric bike horn plenty loud push button easy. You still have to install it and keep up with batteries. MegAlert makes one retails $22 your local dealer can get it from J & B the local distributor. Do-able. The air horn-there's a couple versions- the type used at games and on boats. Plenty loud but sometimes to loud for certain situations and you have to custom rig it to mount to the bike or there's a re-fillable air horn designed for bikes. It's ok, but sometimes to loudand bulky. It has a horn connected to an air bottle that fits in your water bottle cage. Sells for $40 called the Air Zound Horn by Delta. Kinda expensive for a frigging horn and adds a lot of bulky crap on your bike. So... my choice a police whistle. They can be picked up at Sports Authority or any sports shop or security police supply store. Cost just a few bucks. You can control the volume and pitch. It get's peoples attention. I hang mine on my handle bars so I always know where it is. When I ride I keep it around my neck. When I get into traffic or bad areas I stick it in my mouth between my teeth ready to go.
Simple cheap solution for alerting bad drivers to your presence!

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