Monday, April 27, 2009

Coconut Grove Bike Day

George Espina the head guy at Sparton Bicycles was in town. He and I go way back when we were starting out as mechanics. We used to have a steady weekend ride, but George moved up to South Carolina, so we haven't ridden together in a couple years. Since I have plenty of bikes I loaned him the yellow KHS Flite and I took the Skull Express. We took off from Coral Gables and rode into Coconut Grove to see the Bike Day promotion. It was nice riders from all levels riding on the streets. The Police had the streets blocked off to normal traffic. There were some display tables and stuff going on in the park there, but we didn't stop. We continued on and went up brickell to Downtown and continued up to Miami Beach. Beautiful day, nice and cool. The wind was killer, but I'll take the wind over a hot humid day anytime! We went up Lincoln Road and then down along Collins to the beach. Then turned around and went back. Early morning Sunday is definitely the best time to ride in Miami. Traffic is light and motorist definitely seemed to be more chilled. All in all it was probably my best ride in a long time. We did about 30 miles which is a nice distance on the fixed gears. I saw a lot more fixed gears on the road then I'd seen in the past which is good. Used to be maybe 5 of us riding track bikes six years ago now there's hundreds!

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