Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sprint League

I was thinking how cool would it be to set up a sprint league. Just like the local soccer leagues. 5 or 6 man teams representing a certain area. Each team has it's own jersey. You draw from a hat who you're going to race. The team with the best results wins. You could have 10 to 20 teams around town racing then after a certain time period the two best would face off for the championship. It be pretty easy to do. Set some ground rules 1) length of track 2) fixed gear only 3) how to set up the draw 4) how to start...I'd say from a track stand to make it more interesting and up the skill level.
Get some guys to be accepted officials to oversee it. Pick some accepted strips for tracks and you're there! Anyone interested in setting something up like this in Miami let me know.

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