Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Did you ride?

Alright who rode in this morning? What's that I didn't see too many hands go up! You wimps! The temperature drops to around 40 and you stop riding! I'm really disappointed in you! What happened to when the going gets tough the tough get going! Come'on were Fixed Gear Maniacs! We take pride in spinning! No one rides a bike like we do! So now when you get up Drink that beer... Stop your sniveling and get out on that bike and show them who you are Damn it!


chillwill said...

i ride every day! was riding in 20 degree snow and ice a month ago in Hartford, Ct sliding and skidding my heart out...and now i'm here in the 50's in Key West. when's the next alleycat in MIA? i'm ready to take 1st out of town! and my favorite bar here is the green parrot, which as you prolly know, is all about NO SNIVELING! wooo-haaa!


there's no fixies in Key West. well, i am told one dude on a blue track bike, but haven't seen him yet. what's the scene in Miami! i need to meet some peoples as i am living down here now.


J. Bartel said...

I rode. in the rain.

Skull said...

Check out the fixed gear shop in key west the owners name is Patrick. Super mechanic and he rides fixed

chillwill said...

word, i met Patrick a few weeks ago, great dude, busy shop, glad he's doing well.

when's the next race or ride in MIA?