Monday, January 12, 2009

Dodging Ducks

You may not have this problem up North, but if you live in south Miami kendall area you will probably have a run in with Ducks! Unfortunately ducks are way down the intelligence list! They are all over the bike path at the Hammocks, they congregate on 142 right before Sunset on the bike path there. In short there everywhere where there's water and private homes. I don't know how many times I come up on Ducks on the bike paths. A word of careful! Any other animal would run to get out of the way not ducks! 50% of the time they will try to go away from you, but the other 50% of the time they will cross right in front of you. So if you have to go around a duck try and steer around their tail end they are slow and clumsy and can't turn around quickly and they definitely can't walk backwards. If you have to go around their front try to go wide to give you the added space you may need to avoid a collision. Look for an escape route if the duck starts to cross your path. Definitely give it your full attention because they can definitely do the unexpected!
Welcome to cycling Florida style

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