Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lazy #$##$

Nothing pisses me off more than to see someone throw trash from their car! A real common occurance here in Miami where no one gives a Fu#$##%! Anyway I'm three cars back at a light on the bike. The first car passenger window goes down and out goes a bannana skin on the street. So I figure I'll grab it throw back up on their hood so the lazy bastard will have to get out and remove it. Just as I move forward the light changes and off goes the culprit!
Besides polluting the streets we got to ride through this shit! I'm constantly having to avoid stuff like this not to mention the glass. There has got to be a way to fight this. Maybe rigging a paintball gun to the handlebar and nailing them when you see them throwing shit from their car? Rigging a video camera filming it then posting it to You Tube... better, but then you've got to carry a camera everywhere.
Anyone got an idea? All input welcome!

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