Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ten Reasons to Ride Fixed

1) You can ride backwards past the local 7 eleven where all the drunks hang out and really mess with their minds
2)You never have to put your feet down at a Traffic light again
3)Because riding Brakeless and crashing into shit is fun
4) Chicks dig fixed gear riders
5)Coastings for Wimps
6)Riding fixed puts you in a Zen like state
7)Kevin Bacon in Quicksilver was your childhood hero
8)It gives you another excuse to drink Beer
9)Simple fits your mental capacity better
10)You always wanted to be a professional polo player, but never had a horse


GenghisKhan said...

I think number one is great, number three is honest and, as a single speed mountain biker (a.k.a. "coaster") I must categorically take offense at number five. However, I won't, 'cuz it's a great list and, as two-wheeled enthusiasts, can't we all just get along? ;o)

Peace and stay funny!
Ride One or Ride None!

Mark said...

My favorite is Number 8! More bikes, more beer! One Gear, more beer!

Liebo said...

gotta love number 7.

Thanks for the comment man!


Max said...

Yeah, but Kevin was obviously riding a freewheel in the race scene.