Monday, February 2, 2009

Building your Bike

The next best thing to riding, is building and customizing your own bike. The cycling market has seen this trend and is responding quickly. All kinds of new product is coming out specifically for the fixed gear market. Colored rims, handlebars, cranks, and chain rings. Velocity and Weinmann have stepped up their selection of rims and colors as well! Finding that project frame and turning it into a completed bike is a truly satisfying experience. When you choose each component, match each part and complete your bike you'll develop a special relationship with that bike that you can't get by buying a generic off the shelf bike from a dealer. You will be unique you now own something nobody else does! I've built several fixies, but since I have this new Sparton frame and I'm their Florida Rep I thought I'd document this build so everyone could share in the experience and see what exactly is involved. So stay tuned and I'm going to blog the build little by little as I have time.


kelvin newman said...

be interested to see how you get on with the sparton they are a great value little bike

sixtyonesixty said...

Yeah, we've got it bad here in Australia. It's like some kind of psycho virus! Please check out my blog too:
Hope you'll reciprocate the link.
Blog on.....