Saturday, February 14, 2009

Riding in the Rain

Riding in the rain has its challenges. I carry a light cycling rain jacket on my commute just in case. My pack is waterproof...thank you Banjo Brothers! Everything else gets wet. The one thing to remember is every one's visibility is cut! So don't assume the drivers see you.... they don't! They usually have their heads up their ass anyway so when it's raining multiply that by two! Use your lights! Where they can't see you your lights stand out. Ride conservatively as the roads get wet all the oil on the roads floats to the surface making things slippery. If you ride over any of the metal draw bridges that are scattered throughout Florida use extreme caution. Keep a straight line go slow and do not stand up on the pedals! That metal gets extremely slippery! A few years back we were riding over one of the bridges that was wet. One of the girls in the group that was less experienced got up on her pedals. Her front wheel slipped and turned throwing her face first into the metal grating! It wasn't pretty, it knocked her out, huge bump on the forehead, broken teeth, cut on face hole in the lip, all requiring stiches. When rescue got there and she grabbed my hand and asked if it looked bad? I lied through my teeth and told her it was nothing.

So just remember that next time you cross a wet bridge and if you can ride the sidewalk over, do it!

Once you get home dry off your bike. If you have some GT 85 which every rider should have or another silicone spray, spray your whole bike, then lightly wipe it down with a rag. Re-lube your chain and your ready to go!

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