Thursday, February 19, 2009

Encounter with an Asshole

Oh don't you love them. The poor ignorant bastards that don't know traffic law and yell at you when your in the right! I'm parked in the middle lane at a red light because the right lane is a turning lane. The guy behind me gets pissed because he wants to make an illegal right turn from the middle lane on a red light. Now he doesn't say anything the whole time were at the light. However, when the light changes he yells out 'Get on the sidewalk ASSHOLE' as I pulled away. I turned sharply and caught his bumper pulling myself up into the bed of the truck. I then reached around the drivers cab and grabbed the driver by the throat bringing his pick up truck to an abrupt stop. I jumped out of the bed opened the door and pulled the driver out and proceeded to beat the crap out of him with my bicycle pump. I left him there unconscious at the side of the road, grabbed my bike and peddaled away as the other motorist clapped and cheered as I rode off in the sunset.
I decided to dress this story up a little and bring a little fiction to the blog. What really happened he cursed me out I responded with an appropriate response and we each drove away pissed off.
Now I did notice he had a Dominican Flag hanging from his rear view mirror probably explaining why he wasn't familiar with our traffic laws. Also it's illegal for cyclist to ride the sidewalks even though we do it anyway. So, if that ignorant motorist happens to read this I would recomend if your from another country and your going to drive over here you might want to familiarize your self with the local traffic laws. This ain't no Dominican Republic buddy!

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