Sunday, February 22, 2009

Drilling the Fork

I drilled the fork for a front brake over the weekend. Basically I measured an old fork to find the correct bit size. I used a 13/64 for the small hole and a 5/16 on the rear. The front hole is smaller so you drill through both sides of the crown. Then you change bits and flip the fork over. Then after measuring and getting the right bit you drill the hole bigger on the backside of the fork. Remember the recessed brake nut goes in the rear side thus the bigger hole. You can also do it with a regular nut and keep both holes the same. I like the look of the recessed nut better. Sparton has forks already pre-drilled so request these if they're available. Don't try and drill this without a drill press or you stand a chance of drilling your hole crooked and your brakes won't set properly. Once I finished drilling I reamed the hole with a hand ream and a rat tail file to expand the hole slightly on the backside hole.

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