Sunday, March 1, 2009

Progress on the Sparton

I wish I had had a video camera. Filming this would have been more helpful, but since I was on the clock I didn't want to be to obvious. Anyway these were the final steps to mounting the fork. 1)First I needed to press the cups into the frame. I used a headset press which is a tool designed just for this. It basically applies pressure from both sides forcing the cups into the frame. 2) Next I needed to measure where to cut the fork off. Usually this is done at the factory for you, but if you ever need to replace a fork you will need to know how to do it. Put your headset on and screw it down. Mark where you need to cut the fork, just under the locking nut. Once the fork is marked remove it from the frame. 3) Now screw the threaded upper cup down the fork past your mark and put the fork in a saw guide and lock it into the vice. The reason you install the upper cup is if you damage the threads when sawing, when you remove the threaded cup it will fix the threads. Make sure you line the mark on the fork with the saw before you start sawing. If you cut it to short you will not be able to use the fork! 4) Once the fork is cut remove it from the saw guide. Touch up the cut area with a file then unscrew the threaded cup. 5) Now re-install the fork and headset. Grease the cups and bearings and tighten it down.

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