Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Skull Stable

You ain't a player if you don't have more than one bike! Baby I'm a player! Four bikes in the living bike in the bedroom and two or three more in storage. You say what? Yeah I be bad! My main three...(this can change,) but right now...
1) The Skull Express- Lean classic lugged British track frame. Originally when I got it used it was painted white with a hand brush, but I saw a hidden beauty under that crappy paint job, so I picked her up for a $100 bucks. I stripped her down and had her powder coated jet black. Threw on some black SINZ Bmx cranks, traditional campy pedals and a classic Selle Italia Trans am leather saddle now you with me baby? Took some road bars and did the chop and drop bull horns! I installed a black Mavic road brake on the front with a tri brake lever in the end of the bull horn.The fork that came with the bike was good. I put a completely black Wienmann DP-18 wheel on the back and a completely black road wheel I had on the front. With that she was ready to roll .ohh I forgot the tell tale Skull decal on the head tube to complete it. This is my everyday commute bike. I'm running a 46 x 17 gear ratio.
2) Ride number two. KHS Flite 100 I think the 2006 model yellow with blue decals. I've changed this bike around several times. Right now as she sits she's set up for long distance. A RIDO saddle for comfort. I put some Tri bars without the extensions so they look like deformed bull horns, but because they're longer they allow for more hand positions. Tri brake lever on the right side for the front brake. An old Mavic aero wheel on the front, the KHS factory wheel on the back. A bike rack for when I need to tote a cooler and she was ready to go.
3) The newest edition to my stable the Sparton classic lugged track frame that I just built. Pictures below. I put a new Origin8 red anodized crank on it. I found some old NITTO classic track bars that I cleaned up and installed on a classic Cinelli Titaniaum stem. Red Selle Italia saddle. For now this bike is brakeless. I'm going to leave an easy gear ratio for tricks and skidding. This will be my play bike.

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