Thursday, March 19, 2009


Well I got the alignment problem fixed. I just had to touch up the dropout a little. Wheels and chain are installed. Handlebar and stem are on. I went to put the seat on and I don't have the right seat post. I figured it would be a 27.2 or 26.2 it's not. Probably a 26.0 which I don't have so I'll have to pick one up. The bike is definitely looking nice. The track fork has a very close clearance over the wheel. The brake that I had that I had a short reach won't work...damn. The brake was sweet a Campy Delta. Anyway for now I'll keep it brakeless. Once I get the seatpost it's pretty much ready to go. Sparton offers two different forks so if your going to use a front brake make sure to tell them.

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