Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What is it I like in a Fixed Gear?

If you asked me what I liked in a fixed gear I'd tell you the simplicity. My fixed gear is always ready to go. It's quiet and it sticks to the essentials.... simplicity! I still have a road bike but I rarely ride it and when I do it usually needs an adjustment or it's making an irritating noise that I usually have to tweak. Ask me what kind of frame I like...Classic lugged track frame hands down! There is an artistic beauty to a hand lugged frame. The look and ride of steel can't be beat! Now don't get me wrong I like the custom look of the bikes coming out now. I like seeing everyone putting their personal touch to their bikes it's one of the things that keeps the fixed gear scene fresh and exciting. For me personally I just like the look of the lugged frame.

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